Group Cruise Bookings

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Cruises are a wonderful choice for group vacations of all sorts. On virtually every cruise, one notices multi-generational families, parents and grandparents, young children and teenagers, siblings who make their homes in different parts of the country, all enjoying each others' company in a relaxing vacation atmosphere. Families who have taken land based vacations together know that trying to find a single activity that will please everyone can be a trying excercise, to say the least! The grandparents may want to just relax around the pool, the kids may want to seek out other kids, and the parents may be fighting over whether to take a guided tour or go snorkling. On a cruise, on the other hand, family members are free to spend time on their own, pursuing particular activities that interest them, then connect at meals, in the evenings or at selected times during the day. The result is typically a happier experience for everyone.

Groups of friends often cruise together as well. It can be a wonderful way to reconnect with neighbors who have moved away, college roommates, fraternity brothers and so on, as well as a way for friends who still see each other regularly to simply have fun together.

Sometimes, these groups take the form of reunions of extended families, school groups or organizations. In these cases, the number of cabins reserved together can be fairly large, and the cruise line often provides special incentives such as discounted prices, free passage for one or more "tour conductors" in the group, and so on. Although policies vary from cruise line to cruise line, as a general rule, groups booking at least 8 cabins can expect to receive some sort of pricing benefits. Usually, the larger the group, the larger the benefit.

Because of the financial incentives provided to groups cruising together, this can be a wonderful fund-raiser for church and synagogue groups as well as other organizations of all sorts. Such groups can sometimes raise several thousand dollars as well as getting to know each other better and develop inter-personal bonds and community spirit.

If cruising sounds like the perfect solution for your group, Contact Us to find out more.