African Safaris

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Africa. The very name conjures up images of adventure. Majestic lions stalking their prey at sunrise. Herds of zebra, a blur of stripes dancing across the savannah. A group of elephants playfully giving each other a 'dust bath'. A magnificent snow leopard languidly draped over a tree branch just waiting for you to take his picture. A pride of eighteen lions - mothers and cubs - lazing in the noonday sun no more than twenty feet from your vehicle.

Sit silently near a waterhole at night and watch as scores of animals gather to refresh themselves, or bounce along in a specially outfitted off-road jeep which alows you to follow the animals wherever they go, rather than waiting for them to come to you. It's the adventure you've dreamed of your whole life. Isn't it time to make it happen?

View wildlife in their natural habitat
South Africa
Kenya and Tanzania