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View wildlife in their natural habitat

Botswana is still wide-open Africa. The Linyanti and Okavango Delta are places where you can find tented camps that consist of only three tents, places where supplies must be flown in by 4 seater plane or trucked for many hours over a "main road" that is nothing more than a rut in the sand, places that cause you to make a mental note: "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore". The camp managers in the remote camps are not there because they're doing a job. They're there because they love the wildness of the place and want to share it with anyone who chooses to enter their world. We've been at camps where the manager announced spontaneously at 10:00PM, "I'm going out to find some lions. Does anyone want to come with me?". We did, and were amply rewarded with the sight of three lions attacking a hippo, who broke free at the last moment and flung himself into the water, out of the lions' reach. That's the type of adventure that can't be scripted or planned. It simply requires being in a place like Botswana and getting lucky ...

For a change of pace, try the water-based camps of the Moremi Wildlife Preserve, in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Here, the emphasis is on bird life and water-based animals, from fish to crocodiles. This is a great place to try your hand at fishing, but whatever you do, don't miss the highpoint of any trip to the area, a ride in a makoro. Let your local hosts "pole" these traditional dugout canoe-like boats through the marshes and swamps around the camp. Sitting nearly at water level, you'll get an up-close view of marsh life that you'll not soon forget ...

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